For the Love of Mushrooms!

If you want to identify a mushroom that you found in South Dakota or surrounding areas:

Welcome to South Dakota Fungi! Do you like battling stinging nettle while crawling through the woods looking for mushrooms? Me too.

My name is Logan and this website is my love-letter to the world of fungi. In the links at the top you will find an enormous picture guide that details the mushrooms I’ve found in South Dakota. You can also visit the “Edible” page to skip to my favorite edible and medicinal mushrooms. If you have any questions or feedback go to the “Contact” page and I’d be happy to hear from you!

Why do I do this?

If you haven’t noticed, this guide and the included videos have taken hundreds of hours of my life to build. I gain no money from this blog. Our modern obsession with financial maximization is destroying the intrinsic joy that comes from doing things we love. I have promised myself to NEVER become a paid “influencer” in the field of mycology because of this.

So why do I put all the work into this website? Hunting mushrooms is awesome. I love eating them, experiencing them, finding them, and photographing them. Each time I add a new mushroom to this list it forces me to learn the Latin names and grow my personal knowledge which I pass on to my kids. This website exists for me to learn mushrooms and use my many talents to help teach other people about South Dakota mycology.